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OKAHINA WAVE is the very first surf destination built around an eco-friendly artificial wave technology.
A floating atoll set in a natural environment that can be positioned in any existing body of water like a lake or the sea. 
Okahina Wave makes it possible for any territory – even far from the ocean – to create its local surf destination and complete ecosystem of surf related experiences (surf wave, surf shop, surf café, surf school, hostel, events, competitions…). Our goal is to make surfing accessible to all, all the time, everywhere while having a positive impact on the environment and be true to the surf culture

A sustainable alternative to existing wave pool technologies.

The latest article published by Surf Session about our first project in France:

An older article but in English, explaining how Okahina will disrupt the current technologies of wave pools with a more sustainable model.

Today we are looking for clients who would be interested to create a first eco-friendly surf destination in KSA.

We are also looking for a main investor who will help us bring the first full scale wave to life and scale up to develop the project globally.

Once the first wave will be up and running, we have no doubt that the business will scale up worldwide very quickly as we are receiving commercial leads from all over the world every week.

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