May 28, 2024 - June 28, 2024
15:00 - 16:30
In Meeting


The Saudi French Business Council (CAFS), the GICAN and the GICAT are collaborating to organise their first joint meeting on the Saudi Defense Sector, on 28th May 2024, at 3 pm (Riyadh time).

This meeting will bring together members of the CAFS’ Defense Sector Committee, as well as members of the GICAN-GICAT’s Middle East Club.

This hybrid meeting is open by invitation only.

Provisional program

  • 3 pm – Welcoming speech by Dr. Mohammed Ben Laden, President of CAFS
  • 3.05 pm – Tour de table to introduce members of the CAFS’ Defense & Security Sector Committee
  • 3.15 pm – Presentation of the GICAN-GICAT’s Middle East Club
  • 3.30 pm – Sharing of experience of the Saudi market by French companies
  • 3.55 pm – Q & A session
  • 4 pm – EUROSATORY 2024
  • 4 pm – Address by COGES, show organizer and GICAT subsidiary
  • 4.10 pm – Q & A session about Eurosatory 2024
  • 4.15 pm – GICAT’s presentation of Eurosatory 2024
  • 4.20 pm – Q & A session about Eurosatory 2024
  • 4.25 pm – Update on GICAN/GICAT/CAFS news
  • 4.30 pm – End of meeting

About the GICAN / GICAT

GICAT and GICAN, federations of French defense and security companies (land, airland and sea), have been operating in Saudi Arabia since February 2024, during the World Defense Show.

GICAT, with 480 member companies, and GICAN, with 260 member companies, are the representatives of French companies in the sector, facilitators for French companies to develop partnership opportunities with local public and private players, and organizers of Eurosatory and Euronaval, which take place this year in France.

To this end, the industry federations have created the Middle East Club, which aims to :

  • Provide a forum for meetings and dialogue for French companies operating in the Middle East or interested in developing their activities in the region;
  • Involve French and Saudi institutions, companies and public/private operators;
  • Provide regular updates on the activities and calendar of GICAN and GICAT, as well as those of French partners in the region;

GICAT and GICAN are proposing the organization of a joint Middle East club with CAFS, a leading partner in Riyadh for French and Saudi companies. We’d like to take this opportunity to discuss investment regulations in Saudi Arabia, and take stock of Eurosatory (June 17-21) and the special place dedicated to Saudi Arabia at this year’s event.

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