Our Sector Committees

The CAFS manages the following 10 Sector Committees, which are only open to Corporate and Benefactor members:

  • Aerospace, Defense, Security, and Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Agriculture & Food industry
  • Beauty & Luxury
  • Construction, Infrastructure, Urban planning & Architecture
  • Energy, Water & Environment
  • Finance, Banking, Investments, Fintech
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality, Events & Conferences, Entertainment, Sport & Tourism
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Transport, Mobility & Logistics

These Sector Committees aim to:

  • Share information and business intelligence between Saudi and French companies operating in the same sector
  • Offer networking opportunities and creating synergies between Saudi and French companies
  • Build consensus with companies operating in the same sector on how to promote opportunities and develop trade relations in both Saudi Arabia and France
  • Share business intelligence on specific sectors with the public and authorities in both Saudi Arabia and France
  • Build and maintain a dialogue with Saudi and French authorities on issues related to specific sectors
  • Prepare contributions, publications and recommendations for Saudi and French authorities
  • Organise events, participate in delegations and trade shows
  • Facilitate training, exchange of knowledge and transfer of technology between both Saudi Arabia and France

Each Sector Committee is led by 2 Co-Chairs (1 Saudi + 1 French), who are elected for 2 years by the members of their Sector Committee. Co-Chairs of Sector Committees are invited to participate as observers in the meetings of the Board of Directors of the CAFS, but cannot vote.

Our Sector Committees offer our members the opportunity to:

  • Meet top managers from your sector during regular committee meetings
  • Attend meetings with Saudi and French officials
  • Attend or speak at webinars, conferences and events organised on specific topics related to your sector
  • Meet with and participate in French business delegations coming to Saudi Arabia
  • Participate in business delegations going to France
  • Participate in site visits
  • Participate in trade shows and exhibitions
  • Contribute to the publication of white papers, guides and other deliverables
  • Access the private channel of the committee on the CAFS’ Slack workspace for Members
  • Candidate to be elected as Co-Chair of your Sector Committee

Access to Sector Committees is limited to Corporate and Benefactor Members, after validation by the Board of Directors. Participation in our Sector Committees is limited to 1 representative per member company per committee.

Many thanks to our Benefactor Members

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