The CAFS, Conseil d’Affaires Franco Saoudien (Saudi-French Business Council), was one of the first business councils registered by Royal Decree under the Saudi Council of Chambers of Commerce in 2003.

It was the first Saudi business council to receive the authorisation to open its membership to foreign companies in 2023.

It is the place where French and Saudi business meet.

As a non-profit organisation depending on its members and activities for financing, the CAFS is an economic group representing both Saudi and French business communities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and bringing together companies wishing to operate in Saudi Arabia and/or in France, and to develop trade relations between the two countries.

The CAFS’ objectives are to:

  • Develop relations between Saudi and French business communities.
  • Foster export and exchange of goods and services via communication, information, and business visits in both countries.
  • Communicate with the authorities of both countries to improve cooperation and eliminate obstacles.
  • Encourage the construction of economic projects in both countries by identifying the best funding channels and providing information to businessmen.
  • Help finding amicable agreements for any possible trade disputes between businessmen from the two countries.
  • Focus on training, technology transfer, and the access to exchange programs.

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