May 1, 2024
12:00 - 14:00
Federation of Saudi Chambers, Riyadh

The Saudi French Business Council (CAFS) is organizing a conference REAL ESTATE IN FRANCE: “Buying, Selling & Managing Your Property” in collaboration with Vendome International Property, scheduled to take place on 1st May 2024.

  • 12 PM – Conference REAL ESTATE IN FRANCE: “Buying, Selling & Managing Your Property” delivered by Mr. Khalid Mahmouch, and Mr. Maître Bruno Chauvet.
  • 12:45 PM – Q&A session with participants
  • 1:00 PM – Networking luncheon for participants
About the event:

Investing in a French property is a great opportunity to be part of a stable and secure real estate market. Our team of experts, Mr. Chauvet and Mr. Khalid Mahmouch, will explain the property purchase journey. They will guide you to the best way to search the property of your dream, as well as how to financially and legally secure your transaction. They will also help you to understand your obligations and benefits as an owner of property in France. After few years of ownership, if the property owner wishes to carry out renovation or extension of their home. It is important to note that there are some laws which have to be respected for any modification to the property. Khalid Mahmouch will explain you which building permissions you are required to apply and how to get them approved. Additionally, Mr. Chauvet will advise you on how to protect your property assets, including the structure of the ownership and property transfer such as buying and selling, inheritance, donation, and family ownership management.

About Mr. Khalid Mahmouch :

Khalid Mahmouch is a qualified building engineer with a strong educational background and immense experience. He has been working as a building and construction advisor with Vendome International Property since 2010. He is based in France and speaks multiple languages including Arabic, French and English. Considering his background and cultural understanding, Khalid Mahmouch meets all clients from the Middle East in order to comprehend their requirements and offer them tailor made solution and technical support according to French Construction Laws. Additionally, his role includes property consultancy services, for ready properties, land to develop and off plan projects all over France.

About Maître Bruno Chauvet :

Maître Bruno Chauvet is public Notary in France since 2003.  He manages two notary offices, one in the Alps, and the other in Lyon. As large number of real estate transactions in the Alps, are done with international clients, Me Chauvet has developed his international expertise from past 20 years and is graduated from International Notarization Laws. He had been receiving clients from Middle East, buying properties around Lake Geneva region. He helps the buyers and the owners with their purchase journey, including the structure of the ownership and property transfer and family ownership management.

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