The CAFS meet the ESSEC Business School in Riyadh

2023-06-07 – The Saudi French Business Council (CAFS) was represented by its Vice-Presidents, Eng. Faiz AlElweet and Eng. Soufyan AlKabbani, to receive a delegation of the ESSEC Business School, one of the leading business schools in France and in the world.

The delegation of ESSEC included:

  • Professor Cedomir Nestorovic – Professor of International Marketing and Geopolitics, and Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific
  • Mr. Bastien Blanc – ESSEC Alumni in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Mrs. Baptistine Mazzetto – Corporate Programs Designer

Several members of the Saudi French Business Council (CAFS) participated in the meeting, which gave way to a presentation of the CAFS by its Vice-President, Eng. Faiz AlElweet, to a presentation of the ESSEC Business School, and to a short masterclass by Professor Cedomir Nestorovic on Geostrategics.

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