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Environmental Services



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50 to 250

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Prométhée is the French New Space operator of constellations of Earth observation nanosatellite for a safer and more secure world.
sustainable. Prométhée thus responds to the challenges of crisis management and sustainable development by providing strategic intelligence and environmental intelligence services.

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Climate disruption and increased human activity have a direct impact on ecosystems and populations. It is essential to have the means to observe, monitor and predict these events. Nanosatellite constellations are today the only way to have near real-time access to information at any time, anywhere in the world. The field of application that Prométhée offers is practically unlimited, from maritime surveillance, critical infrastructures, including the protection of ecosystems, water resources, fauna and flora, the fight against deforestation, illegal fishing or even prevention of natural disasters.



Mr. Olivier Piepspz



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