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IPARTNER publishes a unified supervision software platform and owns all the software sources. Our software solution fits into the value chain of security systems. Our solutions are customizable and adapted to different businesses: smart cities, protection of sensitive sites, airports, ports, pipeline monitoring, transport network monitoring, solar farms, etc. Interoperability and integration of third-party components are at the heart of heart of our design process. Helping critical companies centralize their decision-making is our primary mission. Providing decision makers with real-time situational awareness is our core value proposition.

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Our solution integrates and federates all technical systems: BMS, ACS, VMS, DRONE, RADAR, LIDAR, INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMS, GAS DETECTION, Analytical… Our solutions are an integral part of the command post and provide the high-level operating tools required (including the management of a video wall) to ensure surveillance missions. Our ability to develop or integrate specific software extensions allows extreme customization to projects. The use of our software platform facilitates the integration of your various electronic security devices. It guarantees their cooperation and promotes the progressive development of an innovative concept of integrated security.


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