Industry / Sector

Water Sector


Saudi Arabia

Number of employees worldwide

50 to 250

Company Profile

Founded since 1990 in Riyadh as first local specializes contractor in Water Leak Detection and NRW, which means reduction of water loss in the network. Also Aramoon is specialized in No-Dig Pipe Inspection & Rehabilitation, which means repair the defects in the network without excavation.

Products & Services

The services provided include design and isolate area under work into DMA and DMZ in order to be sure that all network parameters are working properly to study the water consumption. By knowing the water supplied and compare it with the consumption we can determine the leaks in the network then we go to pinpoint the defects to be repaired. On the other hand for No-Dig Pipe Inspection & Rehabilitation, we use CCTV and special lining materials to repair the gravity network without excavation.


Mr. Faiz ALElweet

Founder & President


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