Faisal Fahad Alothaim Law firm and legal consultancy company

Industry / Sector

Legal Services


Saudi Arabia

Number of employees worldwide

Less than 20

Company Profile

We are Faisal Fahad Al-Othaim Law Firm & Legal Consultancy Company ,a professional company, incorporated under Professional Companies Act in Kingdom of Saudi- Riyadh City, and provide many consultancy services in legal and protective opinion, legal procedures and litigations in a highly professional manner through many qualified, experienced lawyers and consultants. The company is very keen to build long-term, strategic relations with its partners and seek avoidance of hindrances to minimize and well administer risks with lowest damages possible.

Products & Services

  • Legal Consultancy.
  • Execution of legal procedures.
  • Alternative ways to settle disputes through mediation, compromise and arbitration.
  • Litigation and legal representation of companies.
  • Foreign investment and Saudi premium residency.
  • Company Re-structuring and Liquidation.
  • Division of inheritance and Inheritance Disputes.
  • Debit Collection and Financial Claims.
  • Writing, review and preparation of rules, regulations,agreements and contracts.
  • Provision of Intellectual Property Services.
  • Approval and Reviewof Work Organization Regulation at QIWA platform.
  • Property Registration, Legal Real Estate Procedures and Transactions.
  • Administrative Consultancy. 14. Attestation.


Mr. Faisal Alothaim

Lawyer- Co-Founder


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