Enara Trading Limited

Industry / Sector

Aviation & Aerospace


Saudi Arabia

Number of employees worldwide

50 to 250

Company Profile

We are the Official and exclusive distributor of Luminokrom® technology in the territory of Saudi Arabia. We are committed to promoting the use of advanced materials and technologies in construction to enhance visibility in the dark and minimize potential safety risks. Our team of experts is dedicated to conducting extensive research and development to provide cutting-edge sustainable solutions using the intelligence of colors and renewable energy.

Products & Services

-Uv reactive Photoluminescent urban paint for urban marking (bicycle paths, pedestrian paths, greenways, sidewalks, dangerous curbs, etc.)

-Photoluminescent paint for vertical/horizontal industrial signage or road marking

-Photoluminescent paint for metal surfaces, ideal for bollards or street furniture

-Photoluminescent paint for all surfaces


Mr.Rami Chatila 



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