Industry / Sector

Business Supplies and Equipment


Saudi Arabia

Number of employees worldwide

More than 250

Company Profile

ALAudah Company LTD is one of the national Companies that have worked with various state agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its founding in 1971, it has enjoyed the reputation and impact that have remained in memory over the years. It was founded by Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed AlAudah. 

No matter how large your business is, every customer needs special care as if it were your only customer, and therefore we look forward to being one of the best companies working in the field of services.

Products & Services

Construction, Oil & Gas, Energy, Water, Investment, Services, Solutions, Recycling, Industry, Investment, Supplies and Equipment


Mr. Mohammed Alaudah



P.O. Box 00046, Tabuk 7141, Saudi Arabia


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