Al Taiseer Group Talco Industrial Company

Industry / Sector

Aluminium Manufacturer/Extruder


Saudi Arabia

Number of employees worldwide

More than 250

Company Profile

Al Taiseer Group Talco Industrial Company “Talco” is producing aluminium extrusion for various industries all over the World. Currently, Talco has six (6) extrusion presses from SMS Germany and has a production capacity of 60,000 MT per annum. The operations are under the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the Company processes surface decorative finishes; 4 Vertical Powder Coating Lines, 2 Horizontal Conventional Powder Coating Lines, Flash Anodize Powder Coating, Anodizing Line, PVDF 3 coat, Wood Finish and other surface finishes. The Company aims to provide aluminium extrusion profiles & surface finishes from a single roof. Our products are being supplied to over 60 Countries around the Globe including GCC, the Arab World, East Asia, Australia, the USA and Europe.

Products & Services

We produce extrusion from Alloy AA 6060, AA 6061, AA 6063, AA 6082 and AA 19500 following the Customer’s requirements. We offer a range of products meeting market demands and serve a wide range of market requirements. The products offered are architectural aluminium for doors, windows, partitions, façades, curtain walls and others. In addition, we serve the market in kitchen cabinets, formwork, truck body, air-condition grills, ladders and other products required. We are capable of producing hollow profiles from 16mm to 150mm rectangular profiles, hollow sections up to 300mm depending upon the shape and 300mm solid. All aluminium extrusion produced following European Standards EN 755 and ASTM B221. The Company processes surface decorative finishes; such as powder coating, flash anodize powder coating, anodizing line, PVDF 3 coat, wood finish and other surface finishes. The Company has a unique product “Thermal Break” – the two aluminium extruded sections joined with insulators, this process is to break the transfers cold or heat. By using these thermal break profiles on the exterior of the building it reduces heat and cold from outside which indirectly affects energy costs to maintain the temperature inside the building.


Mr.Faisal Al Fheed

Sales & Marketing Director


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