Saudico Electronic Systems signs MoU with Oryx Data

06 December 2022 – Saudico Electronic Systems (SES) and Oryx Data signed a MoU on 6th December 2022 in Paris, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed BEN LADEN, President of the #CAFS.

SES, a Riyadh-based IT services and solutions provider, and Oryx Data, a French-based technology provider in the field of IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions, agreed to enter in a business partnership to offer Saudi Arabian companies, both in the private and public sectors, solutions in the Internet of things for asset management, workforce management, utilities smart metering and smart cities applications.

Saudico Electronic Systems was represented by its CEO, Mr. Soufyan Al-Kabbani, Vice-President of the CAFS. Oryx Data was represented by its Co-Founder, Mr. Mathieu Mehmet Özer.

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