Saudi-French partnership for sustainable development and industry 4.0

14 November 2022 – CAFS representatives attended the French FAB Accelerator in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi French Partnership for Sustainability & Industry 4.0 event organized by Business France in Riyadh. During the event several speakers and experts from KSA and France discussed topics such as Transformation, Sustainability, Productivity and Efficiency in the Energy, Utilities, Power, Industrial and Manufacturing sectors using state of the art technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, AI, ML, IoT, etc.. During the event an MOU agreement between Dassault Systems, Aramco, Fives Group and AIF was signed for cooperating and developing the industry of the future. An exhibition area with 9 French companies, startups and SMEs were present and showcasing the latest innovations of the Industry 4.0.

Previous Business lunch between CAFS and Business France

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