Investment opportunity – My Good Life

Created in 2014, My Goodlife is a service operator dedicated to e-health and offering a wide range of digital services.


A creator of e-nutrition services

  • Individualized general coaching (dietetics, physical activities, well-being)
  • Modular and interconnected devices (connected objects, applications, web, visio…)
  • Clinical studies

A multidisciplinary team

  • Health and nutrition
  • Digital web and mobile
  • Research and development

Our targets

  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, dialysis, cardiac insufficiency, obesity…)
  • Company employees (stress, RPS …)
  • The general population (nutritional coaching)


My Good Life is looking for investors and partners to develop MyEatWell app in France, Saudi Arabia and North America.

My Eat Well app is a generator of customized menus for persons with diabetes, the objective being to improve their treatment and quality of life.

My Eat Well is classified as a Class I medical device and meets all the criteria for reimbursement by the healthcare system, with telemonitoring (glycemia, actimetrics, weight…) and the sending of alerts to the patient in the event of non-compliance.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of nutrition

We have drawn up an algorithm that can converge into a menu planning solution involving brief computing time. A sizable number of constraints need to be taken into account, which necessitates Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques adapted to resolution of more than 400 parameters in real time.

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