CAFS organises Saudi delegation to Lyon

12 October 2012 – A visit from the delegation of Saudi investors and business leaders, coming to present business opportunities to companies in the Lyon region.

Around fifteen Saudi investors and business leaders came to meet with Lyon-based entrepreneurs to strengthen commercial ties between France and Saudi Arabia. Chaired by Bertrand Besancenot, French ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Kamel Al Munajjed, President of the Saudi-French Business Council, this delegation delivered some strong messages.

“As a stable, developing nation, Saudi Arabia is eager to diversify its partners. France is currently the third foreign investor in the country, and we have doubled our exports over the last five years. Now is the time to continue,” Bertrand Besancenot said.
Emphasizing that “Saudi Arabia is an open, easily accessible country” for companies, Kamel Al Munajjed focused on the 400 billion dollar development plan that has just been launched. “Large French companies are participating in this explosion, but there is also room for SMEs,” he insisted.


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  • Travel to Rhône-Alpes
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  • Visit to the AREVA site
  • Visit to the ECKES GRANINI plant
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