CAFS meets members of the French Senate in Riyadh

01 March 2022 – The CAFS met members of the French Senate in Riyadh, during their visit to Saudi Arabia.

This trip (from 25 February to 6 March 2022) was jointly organized by the Commission for Culture, Education and Communication, chaired by Laurent Lafon and the France-Gulf Countries friendship group.

This approach was an extension of President Macron’s trip to Dubai, Doha and Jeddah (2-4 Dec. 2021).

The delegation brought together:
Members of the Culture, Education and Communication Committee:
– Mr. Laurent LAFON, President Senator of Val-de-Marne
– Mr. Pierre OUZOULIAS, Vice-President Senator of Hauts-de-Seine
– Ms. Céline BOULAY-ESPÉRONNIER, Senator of Paris
– Ms. Sonia de La Provôté, Senator of Calvados
– Mr. Jacques GROSPERRIN, Senator of Doubs
– Mr. Lucien STANZIONE, Senator of Vaucluse
Members of the France-Gulf countries friendship group:
– Mr. Olivier CADIC, President Senator representing French people living abroad
– Ms. Nathalie DELATTRE, Senator from Gironde, Deputy President for Saudi Arabia
– Mrs. Joëlle GARRIAUD-MAYLAM, Senator representing French people living abroad, Deputy President for the United Arab Emirates

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