1st meeting of the members of the CAFS

8 January 2013 – 1st meeting of the members of the CAFS

Program for the 1st meeting of the members of the CAFS
Date: Tuesday, January 8th, 2013, in the eastern region

1 – The formation of a work group among members of the executive committee.

2 – The formation of CAFS representatives in both the eastern and western regions (especially for welcoming French delegations visiting the region and facilitating the transfers of different delegations).

Eastern region (Salah Al-Qahtani + Ali Al-Yami + Yusuf Al-Dossari)
Western region (Mohammed Al-Amoudi + Lama al-Suleiman + Ibrahim Fouda)
3 – Review of the subject of the Saudi-French Economy Forum, which was held from the 11th to the 13th of April 2013, and formation of a delegation for the event that will take place in France.

4 – Visits to the major French regions, both those that have already been visited and those that have not.

5 – Selection of a specific region where a government minister or official is based for each CAFS member visit.

6 – Formation of a special delegation in a particular domain for each visit by CAFS members in France (for example: healthcare, medicine, agriculture, transport, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, etc.) with assistance from the National Committee of Saudi Chambers of Commerce. The names chosen will be invited by members of the Executive Committee. The French side will provide specialist agencies. It should be noted that the members chosen to participate in these specialized visits must be distinct and of added value to the delegation, not just physically present.

7 – Availability of sufficient information on the exhibitions in France that the delegations there might attend.

8 – Periodic visits from government members (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Commerce and Industry, and others) in order to come acquainted with them and present them with the mission of the CAFS, and to listen to their instructions and comments.

9 – Coordination of French and Saudi authorities to enable the full participation of French delegation in the special pavilion for them at each event, which will take place periodically in the Kingdom, either in Riyadh, Jeddah, or in the eastern region, seeing as how it could be an opportunity for Saudi businessmen and companies who have not traveled in France to visit these companies in return. Moreover, it will also be an opportunity for French companies to have direct contact with the Saudi companies.

10 – The formation of special committees for working on the following subjects (as proposed by Dr. Yasser Al Harbi):

Coordination of specialized visits in France with an analysis of the results
Invitation of French companies that work in the same field to Saudi Arabia
Fill in the gaps in the Saudi market with French products and services for a comparative advantage
Communicate with the French companies operating in the Kingdom in order to solidify their relationship with the Council
11 – Organize the next meeting of the Council members in the western region.

Previous CAFS organises Saudi delegation to Lyon

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